Managing Azure AD Connected Organizations through Graph

Summer is soon finished, and my blogging will restart. This time, I am checking out the newly documented endpoint for managing connected organizations, used by Azure AD Entitlement Management for having different workflows depending on the relationship to the external organization. This could be:

  • Having an external or internal sponsor approve requests, such as an account manager being able to approve access to their customers
  • Having an external sponsor reviewing who of their users should still have access to your systems, through the access review feature
  • Having certain access packages only being visible to your connected organizations
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Authenticating to Azure AD as an application using certificate based client credential grant

The documentation on how to authenticate to Azure AD using a client credentials grant and certificate is decent, but it leaves a few open questions, I have experienced. Here is a quick guide on how to actually do this, properly detailed, with a simple Azure Function as an example using KeyVault.

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Testing out the new API Connectors feature of Azure AD External Identities

External Identities just got a hell of a lot closer to B2C, with the API Connectors feature, allowing external API calls to happen before user creation and after signing in with an identity provider. As in my last post about the new External Identities feature, this post will be me exploring the new feature, simply blogging about my experience with it, and which awesome and not so awesome stuff I find.

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ARM – Getting the service principal objectid for a Logic App using managed identity

This will be my shortest blog post ever. Here is a way to get the service principal of the managed identity for a Logic App, deployed using ARM. This is everything you need to i.e. add an access policy to keyvault:

    "outputs": {
        "principalId": {
            "type": "string",
            "value": "[reference(concat(resourceId('Microsoft.Logic/workflows', parameters('name')), '/providers/Microsoft.ManagedIdentity/Identities/default'), '2018-11-30').principalId]"
        "tenantId": {
            "type": "string",
            "value": "[reference(concat(resourceId('Microsoft.Logic/workflows', parameters('name')), '/providers/Microsoft.ManagedIdentity/Identities/default'), '2018-11-30').tenantId]"

The ‘name’ variable is the name of the LogicApp, logically enough 😉

Testing out Azure AD External Identities

Azure AD External Identities is essentially a new umbrella expression for existing Azure AD features such as the ability to use Google as Identity Provider, B2B guest invitations, Terms of use, Entitlement Management etc., with the new features launched during MS Build 2020 being guest user self service sign-up through “User flows” and Facebook as Identity Provider.

In this blog post i will dive into these new things, to see what these new features can provide of value to Azure AD customers.

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Quick script to reset password of users in an Azure AD group


# Get group by name
$group = Get-AzureADGroup -SearchString 'My group'

# Get members
$members = Get-AzureADGroupMember -ObjectId $group.ObjectId -All:$true 

# Get password
$password = Read-host -AsSecureString -Prompt "Password"

$VerbosePreference = "Continue" 
$inc = 1
$members | Foreach {
    Write-Verbose "$($inc) / $($members.Count) - $($_.UserPrincipalName)"
    $inc += 1

    Set-AzureADUserPassword -ObjectId $_.ObjectId -ForceChangePasswordNextLogin:$true -Password $password