Configuring the SharePoint Services Connector for FIM 2010 R2 for ADFS authentication

Here is a quick article on how to configure the SharePoint Services Connector for provisioning user profiles for ADFS authenticated users. I did not find any particularly good articles on the attributes required, so here is a quick reference on what I did no make things work with ADFS authentication.

This is not a guide on how to configure the MA. You should find good information on how to do that here.

There are 5 attributes that are important. Here is a table for you.

Attribute Initial only Description
SPS-ClaimID   This is the value of the identifier claim. This means that if you use userPrincipalname as identifier, this should be, or if you use EmployeeID this should be 10032.
SPS-ClaimProviderID   This is the case sensitive name of the Trusted Identity Provider configured in SharePoint. If your Trusted Identity Provider is called “SAML Users”, this value should be “SAML Users”.
SPS-ClaimProviderType   When doing ADFS authentication, this should be the constant “Trusted”. (Btw, if you are doing Windows authentication, this should be “Windows”)
ProfileIdentifier   This value is a bit weird when it comes to ADFS authentication. It is required, and it must be unique, and it mst be on the form “someting:unique” (something colon unique). I usually fill this with “ID:value of SPS-ClaimID”; for example “ID:10032” or ““.
Anchor yes Another required value that must be unique. I use the same value as the SPS-ClaimID, so or 10032. The reason this attribute must be configure as initial only, is that the Anchor will actually change and overwriting it may cause some strange behavior.

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