Quick PowerShell cmdlet to get query parameters sent to localhost

When testing Azure AD applications or showing of things such as implicit flow, authorization code flow etc., it can be very useful to have a listener going on localhost in order to provide the browser a valid redirect url. The following cmdlet can be used to do this, without the need to install anything.

function Get-HttpQueryParametersSentToLocalhost
        [int] $Port = 8080,

        [string] $Response = "Done"

    $listener = New-Object System.Net.HttpListener
    Write-verbose "Waiting for request at http://localhost:$Port/"
    $context = $listener.GetContext()
    $Content = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($Response)
    $Context.Response.OutputStream.Write($Content, 0, $Content.Length)
    $Context.Request.RawUrl -split "[?&]" -like "*=*" | foreach -Begin {$h = @{}} -Process {$h[($_ -split "=",2 | select -index 0)] = ($_ -split "=",2 | select -index 1)} -End {$h}

$parameters = Get-HttpQueryParametersSentToLocalhost -Verbose -Port 8080
$parameters | Out-GridView

How, try to do to http://localhost:8080/asd/?test=a&idtoken=asdd&code=123 and check out what happens in PowerShell. 🙂

Ill create a new blog post that uses this to demonstrate different OpenID Connect flows later.

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